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Blackened Tuna Tartar

4 oz Ahi Tuna (sushi quality)

3 oz soy sauce

1 Tbsp blackened seasoning

0.25 oz chives

2 Tbsp lime juice

½ avocado

1 oz cucumbers

0.25 oz sesame oil

Ghost pepper caviar

Splash extra virgin olive oil

Shitake chips

Micro greens for garnish

Salt & pepper

Crème fraiche/sour cream

Sweet chili sauce

Lime juice

Cajun seasoning

Marinate the ahi tuna for 2 minutes with blackened seasoning & soy sauce.

Blow torch the tuna very lightly

Let it cool down

Cut the tuna in small diced pieces.

Mix the tuna with the chives, cucumbers, lime juice and sesame oil. Set it on the side.

Make the sweet chili crème with sweet chili sauce, crème fraiche, lime juice, Cajun seasoning.

Diced avocados and mixed with olive oil, salt, pepper. Set on the side.

To plate it use rim mold on the plate, place avocado first them put tuna mix on top.

Sauce on the plate, garnished with ghost pepper caviar and micro greens

Served with shitake chips or any chips available.

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