Brazen armed robbery at Buffa's Lounge

Brazen armed robbery at Buffa's Lounge

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The bartender at Buffa's Lounge and Restaurant on Esplanade is still shaken.

Monday, just before 10 p.m., he was tending to a table when two masked men wielding guns barged in.

"When the two gentlemen came in, it's hard to remember the words but it was pretty much, everybody down. They said, we have guns," said the bartender.

Shouting at the bar patrons, one of the gunmen approached a couple sitting at the bar.

Co-owner, Jarret Rogers, tells FOX 8 the gunmen began robbing his customer.

"He was using the gun to push a patrons head to the bar, and he got his wallet," Rogers said.

"After that, the other one came over towards the bar and demanded that I open the register," the bartender said.

After taking the money, the gunmen rant out. No one was hurt, but the bartender is in shock.

"It's still kind of a blur. Just the power they had with that weapon and you don't think about that. I just wanted to make sure everyone was Ok. I'm shaking just being in here right now, and I come here every day. It's just pretty scary when you look at the barrel of a gun. You don't think about it. You see it on T. V., but it's different when it's in your face," the bartender said.

Jarret Rogers says there has never been an armed robbery like this at the bar, but he is aware of the crime that seems to be creeping into the neighborhood.

"We actually had somebody a couple of weeks ago, walking down Esplanade and they got mugged," Rogers said.

He fears crime will continue unless something is done to stop it, but he struggles to find a solution.

"We do what we can to get the damage to a minimum," Rogers said.

"We're trying as bartenders to text each other when we're leaving shifts, and get together in groups. It's tough to do, but we are doing the best we can to communicate with each other," the bartender said.

As they vow to remain vigilant, frustration is certainly growing among those who live and work in the area.

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