Miracle on the Mississippi: The Battle of New Orleans

Miracle on the Mississippi: The Battle of New Orleans

CHALMETTE, LA (WVUE) - On the plains of Chalmette, a makeshift army of regular infantry, free men of color, Native Americans, Privateers, farmers and shop owners raised their arms to face the mightiest army on Earth.

It is a battle of monumental importance for a young United States.

General Andrew Jackson forces martial law on the terrified citizens of New Orleans.

The Ursuline nuns ask for divine help as their convent trembles from the sounds of war.

It is a resounding victory that shocks the world and becomes a turning point in American history. It is a Miracle on the Mississippi.

The war of 1812 has been called the second war of American independence.

With American seamen being impressed on the high seas and forced to man British ships, a young United States declares war. Americans fight the British along the Canadian border. The British invade and burn the Capitol in Washington, only to suffer defeat at Baltimore, which inspires the 'Star Spangled Banner'.

Then the British fleet and army move toward the Gulf of Mexico. Watch the video to see the Battle of New Orleans.

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Grant Hardin - Andrew Jackson

Timothy Pickles - Author, Historian
Living History Reenactor

Jason Wiese - Associate Director
Williams Research Center
The Historic New Orleans Collection

Emilie Leumas, PhD, CA.
Archdiocese of New Orleans
Office of Archives

Joyce Miller - Historian
Louisiana State Museum

Steven Abolt - the Colonel
7th U.S. Infantry
Living History Association

Te Deum sung by Ursuline Academy Chorus

Bagpipes - Bob Hill

Produced, Written, Edited, Narrated and Videography by
Dave McNamara

Video of 7th Infantry Reenactors provided by
Joe Erdmann - Videographer

Graphics - E.Q. Vance


Sandy Breland - VP/GM
Mikel Schaefer - News Director
Promotions - Blaine Strawn

Historic Images and Artifacts:

Courtesy of Historic New Orleans Collection:

Capture of American Gun Vessels
Battle of Lake Borgne - Hornbrook
Battle of New Orleans - Carter
Battle of New Orleans - W.A.C. Papa
Louis de Tousard Letter
Major General Andrew Jackson (circa 1819)
Grapeshot - Gift of Mr. James Janssen
Battle of New Orleans-Gift of Boyd Cruise and Harold Schilke

Louisiana State Museum

Jordan Noble's Drum
Lafitte Drawing
Renato Beluche Bust
Spanish Cannon ca. 1812
Gen. Jacques Villere Portrait
Villere Sword
Map of Line Jackson
Edward Pakenham Portrait
Sword - 93rd Sutherland Highlanders
Battle of New Orleans - Eugene Louis Lami
Death of Maj. Gen. Pakenham
A Correct View of the Battle Near New Orleans - Scacki

Archdiocese of New Orleans Archives

Crowning of Our Lad of Prompt Succor
Prayer Mandate
Ursuline Convent Sketch
Ursuline Shrine Photograph
Sacramental Registry, Jan 8, 1815
Andrew Jackson Sketch

Library of Congress

Washington Burns
Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans
Brave Boy of the Waxhaws
Map of West Florida and Louisiana-
Maj. A Lacarriere Latour
Map of encampments
Maj. A Lacarriere Latour
Battle of New Orleans - Jean-Hyacinthe Laclotte

National Archives

Battle of New Orleans - Herbert Morton Stoops

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