Hard freeze warning expires, expect more cold temps

Hard freeze warning expires, expect more cold temps

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The hard freeze warning for southeast Louisiana has expired, but do not expect a major warm-up Thursday.

The Arctic air arrived with a bang. Winds were howling Wednesday night and remained brisk Thursday morning with wind chills generally in the teens with actual temperatures below freezing to begin the morning.

Many locations will remain in the 30's through the afternoon, despite sunny skies. Even with the cold air at the surface, clouds will begin to make a return from a west and eventually a southwesterly flow in the upper atmosphere.

Much of the area will remain chilly all weekend with a few more freezing mornings, although the area should be done with the hard freezes.

Some models indicate a chance for showers returning starting Friday. Highs return to the 60's next week.

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