Fan charities use Comic Con to help fight real villains

Fan charities use Comic Con to help fight real villains

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The characters battle phantoms in the movies but in real life, members of the Louisiana Ghostbusters fight other scary villains.

"We do a lot of charity work whether it be for, mainly for the American Cancer Society," says James Gaspard. "We've also done stuff for people with autism, we've done blood drives, we've visited Children's Hospital, we've done Boo at the Zoo, any kind of charity event that there is that asks us to be there, we take part in it."

Among the thousands of things to see and do at Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con, local charities drew a lot of attention.

The non-profit groups share a love of comic books, TV shows and films and use that connection for a greater purpose.

The Dagobah chapter of the Rebel Legion recently visited a young Star Wars fan in the hospital.

"That's the thing that we really truly love the most is to go and see the smile come to a child's eyes," says Karen Thomason. "This weekend, we're raising money to help pay for the hospital expenses, medical expenses for their family so we're just taking donations here today and we've raised about $400.

Members of the charity organizations here say events like Wizard World Comic Con are a great place to show that everyone can make a difference.

Geeks Empowering Extraordinary Kids or G.E.E.K. helps children with special needs by selling calendars of people in costume. The organization finds many of its models at Comic Con.

"Like we have in our tag, Changing the World Through Cosplay, that's basically what you can do," says Jeff Caradona. "If you're a seamstress, you can do that. If you've got a great imagination, you can do that and you can affect change."

Because the real world could use more of the good guys.

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