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Sat 2/7 Marigny 8pm Krewe of Chewbacchus

 All of the krewe's parade contraptions are either pushed, pedaled, or pulled, and are built onto bicycles, homemade trailers, and shopping carts.  Chewbacchus believes that Green parades are the "Future of Revelry"  and does not use internal combustion engines to power its floats.  The mad scientists who engineer the krewe's contraptions have found lots of clever ways to build amazing floats that don't require petroleum products for propulsion.

Route Description:

  • The  parade starts and ends at 4321 Saint Claude Avenue.
  • The parade travels down Saint Claude to Franklin Ave.
  • The parade takes a left on Franklin Ave. towards Decatur.
  • Next, it takes a right onto Decatur and heads towards Frenchmen St.
  • Then, the route takes a right onto Frenchmen.
  • The parade travels down Frenchmen to Dauphine Street.
  • The parade takes a right onto Dauphine Street to Poland Avenue.
  • The parade then takes a left onto Poland Avenue. 

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