Will another $1 million Powerball ticket go unclaimed?

Will another $1 million Powerball ticket go unclaimed?

PEARL RIVER, LA (WVUE) - Somebody matched all five white numbers in the Powerball lottery, and that gets you a $1 million payoff  - if you cash it in. Incredibly, that doesn't always happen at the busy spot in Pearl River where the winning ticket was sold.

"We've sold several, several big ticket winners," said Jenny Jones, the assistant manager at the Riverside Travel Center.

At the Last Chance, as the customers call it, high volume equals high rewards.

"On top of the Powerball and Lottery, our scratch offs. I couldn't tell you how many winning $5 tickets - or even the grand prize on the $10 is $100,000. We've sold several of those," Jones said.

One of those big winners showed up at the truck stop while FOX 8 was there.

"This is my winning store," Kimberly Gilmore said.

And we're not talking a dollar or two. Gilmore said she's won $100,000 from tickets she purchased at the store. Jones said the winners don't always claim their prize.

"This past August we had a $100,000 Powerball nobody claimed," she said. "We've had a $1 million that I know of that wasn't claimed."

She's hoping another regular does cash in this new winning ticket.

"I don't know. I hope it's one of our regulars because we do have a lot of regular customers, so we are excited," Jones said.

The Last Chance is so busy because it's in Pearl River just over the state line from Mississippi. When the jackpots get large, so do the crowds. The lines can stretch all the way back through the door, up and down these aisles and back to three very busy cashiers.

"It's totally insane," Jones said. "We are printing tickets and going down the aisle selling $5 and $10 tickets just to try to get the line down. "The lottery commission, they send us a truck for outside to ease some of the traffic."

It's one of the two busiest locations in the state.

"We run neck and neck with another store, which is on the border of Arkansas," Jones said.

The location is the only clue to who the new millionaire might be. Even if the winner never comes forward, the Travel Center's piggy bank still gets filled. The store gets $10,000 for selling the winning ticket. The winner must cash in the ticket at the Baton Rouge lottery office within 90 days.

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