Economics at stake in Benson power struggle

Economics at stake in Benson power struggle

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - With a legal battle now brewing over who controls the wealth of one of Louisiana's richest families and highest-profile business owners, there's a lot of money at stake.

"It's all about who controls that wealth, so whoever gets control of that has a huge amount of economic power," said W.J. "Dub" Lane, an associate professor of economics at UNO.

He said along with the economic power will come control over decisions made concerning both the Saints and Pelicans.

"So controlling that money is a person who makes the decisions and is the person who will throw a lot of weight around in the state of Louisiana," Lane said.

Lane said as fans worry about the future of both teams, it isn't the financial aspect that should be of concern.

"The wealth is not important. It's how they spend their money - that's what has the most impact. Whoever controls the Saints is going to have the same goals," he said.

No matter what, there's a lot at stake, and Lane said you can pretty much bank on a long court battle.

"The problem this is when that's being dragged out, and you don't know who's in control then the organizations can have trouble."

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