Henderson reacts to Benson family drama

Henderson reacts to Benson family drama

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - For the Voice of the Saints Jim Henderson, the counter move by Renee, Ryan and Rita LeBlanc to sue their father and grandfather, Tom Benson, one day after he announced he was transferring ownership when he dies to wife was a predictable one.

"I guess we should have expected that and apparently they did as well because its taken a while to prepare this suit," Henderson said. "It didn't just happen overnight so they saw this coming and their exit from the team occurred shortly after Christmas too so they've had a few weeks to put this together but they saw this coming and were prepared for it and fired the first big salvo in return."

And in the lawsuit, Henderson said he was shocked at the character assassination of Gayle Benson.

"Knowing Gayle Benson a little bit, to me, that was the biggest shocker," Henderson said. "Knowing how harshly they painted her. They painted her as a limited education person who was an opportunistic person and who allegedly was soliciting funds from tom Benson shortly after his second wife died."

But the biggest fear going forward isn't so much who owns the team but if that ownership or a lingering ownership situation could impact their play on the field.

"I think everybody is re-thinking where do I belong in this organization," Henderson said. "I was Rita's guy, I;m not sure I'm Gayle's guy. I was Rita's guy but I'm more Gayle's guy and this could help me. Is the whole thing going to blow up, are people going to scatter like rats off a sinking ship.  So yes, I think if it continues to linger and grows and festers then it can't help but hurt the organization in some way."

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