Nicondra: Expect a beautiful week ahead

Nicondra: Expect a beautiful week ahead

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The weekend is spectacular with plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Sunday another reinforcing front moved in, but with no moisture to work with the only noticeable changes were the windy conditions by late in the afternoon.

The breeze will stick around through the day on Monday. Temperatures will also be just a tad lower behind the front as well so while highs made it into the middle 60's Sunday, Monday's highs will stay in the 50's.

Plenty of sunshine will counteract the chill, still making for a pleasant day. The windy conditions also mean small craft advisories in the marine forecast.

The pleasant dry trend will continue through most of the week with some ridging in the upper levels by midweek allowing temperatures to climb a bit. Rain chances should hold off until the end of next weekend.

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- Meteorologist Nicondra Norwood?

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