Northeast storm cancels local flights

Northeast storm cancels local flights

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Blue skies abound outside Louis Armstrong International Airport, but the onset of what could be record-breaking snow is taking a toll on flights in New Orleans as well as the East Coast. Passengers showed up at the airport to find their flights canceled. Representatives from Armstrong tell us they don't keep a tally of local cancellations, but a steady number of flights to and from cities like New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were canceled Monday. That number will grow as the east coast storm continues dumping snow.

Adileh Brodie represented the jubilant. She said, “Oh no, no, no we were trying to get out of New York quick and fast and in a hurry. Thank you Lord! Jon Anters Ongard fell amongst the complacent. He said, “If we don't get home by tomorrow, we will just wait. It's not a big crisis.” Travelers at Armstrong showed a range of emotion dealing with the effect of the latest East Coast snow storm.

A large group arrived from New York City just before 11:00 am. Andrew Yee said, “We saw the reports yesterday and we just said try and it worked out.” His quartet was scheduled to play at LSU and changed flights to make sure they didn't miss the performance. He said, “We wanted to get here today instead of Thursday.” His band mate Amy Schroeder said, “They told us if we didn't get out before Noon we wouldn't get out.” These were the fortunate. Brodie said, “We sat on the tarmac for an extra 15 to 20 minutes because they had to de-ice the plane and I'm so glad I'm not in New York and we are here in New Orleans.”

Unfortunately for this gospel choir out of Norway the early flight strategy didn't work out as well. Ongard said, “We were meant to leave at 8 this morning, but it was cancelled.” The choir enjoyed performing at local churches, but are ready to get home. Ongard said, “Very nice. We loved the city. We've been here two weeks so to get home and sleep in our own beds.” A wish many travelers may have around the country as more flights lose the battle against the snow.

If you are flying in the next couple of days even if your destination is not along the east coast you are urged to check ahead and confirm your flight schedule as stranded planes will create a domino effect even for destinations where the snow doesn't have an immediate impact.

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