Heirs renew plea for mental evaluation of Tom Benson

Heirs renew plea for mental evaluation of Tom Benson

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - In the latest step in a court battle for control of the Saints and Pelicans, Tom Benson's heirs on Wednesday renewed their request to have the teams' owner undergo a mental evaluation.

Benson's granddaughter, Rita Benson Leblanc, and his grandson and daughter allege that Benson is not mentally stable enough to be in control of the two teams. In a Wednesday morning court filing, they ask the judge to order "a physical and mental examination of Tom Benson." The filing goes on to request that the judge allow for a specific psychiatrist, Dr. Ted Block, to perform the examination.

The family members allege that Benson has shown a pattern of bizarre behavior.

In the latest motion, the attorney for the heirs requests a deadline of Feb. 10 for Benson to show why an examination is not needed.

"It's the nature of this beast to a certain degree," said FOX 8 News analyst Joe Raspanti. "There's a lot of lawyers. There's limitless funds, so nobody's holding the purse strings on the attorneys, so they're going to be filing a lot of stuff. You can be sure of that."

Benson's attorney calls the filing premature and says the judge should first rule on a motion he filed Tuesday which states that his daughter and grandchildren had no valid basis to say Benson was unable to make his own decisions.

So far, there have been no rulings in the case.

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