NOPD seeks experience from the past for future crime fighting

NOPD seeks experience from the past for future crime fighting

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - There's a new push for volunteers to boost NOPD manpower on the streets that could lead to paid details for officers who want to give back.

NOPD Supt. Michael Harrison wants former officers who retired or resigned to join NOPD's reserve division and provide additional support to current officers.

Applicants must complete background investigations and once accepted they'll be reinstated at the rank they left the department up to the rank of captain.

One incentive is that if a former office puts in 36 hours of service a month, they could be eligible to work paid details. Other than that there is no pay check.

"None of us ever signed up for pay, we signed up to serve and protect and do what's right," Harrison said.

Harrison is asking retired NOPD Commander Louis Dabdoud to lead the reserve unit. Dabdoud took on that new volunteer post this past November.

"I think for retirees it could give you a good opportunity to supplement your income by paid details," he said.

Dabdoub says the response of interested officers has been overwhelming. Donovan Livaccari of the Fraternal Order of Police says he is not surprised.

"There's some inherent risk involved with being a police officer so you have to weigh the risk of potential injury or the time it would take testifying in court to something you want to do on a voluntary basis," Livaccari said.

Retired eight-year veteran officer Leesa Augustine has a new career, but she still works in the reserves on a regular basis.

"There's no difference in what they're doing getting a pay check than those who are not getting a check," she said.

Augustine said when you wear the uniform you have to hold it to the highest standard.

NOPD officials say this new recruitment campaign should get results quickly. Right now there are 70 officers in the reserve unit. The Superintendent says it could be in triple digits by summer.

For anyone interested in joining the reserve unit, there's a meeting for former officers at NOPD headquarters Saturday February31t at 10 a.m.

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