Cold-stunned turtles rehabilitated in New Orleans, released

Cold-stunned turtles rehabilitated in New Orleans, released


Associated Press

GRAND ISLE, La. (AP) - Nearly two dozen turtles stranded by cold weather last year in Massachusetts have successfully undergone rehab and have been returned to the waters off Louisiana's coast.

More than 1,200 young, "cold-stunned" Kemp's ridley sea turtles were stranded in November and December. "Cold-stunning" - like human hypothermia - can be fatal.

Suzanne Smith is stranding-and-rescue coordinator for the Audubon Nature Institute for Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles. She says 21 of the 27 turtles she and her colleagues received were released Thursday into the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the turtles did not survive. Smith says the other five are doing well, but will remain in the rescuers' care for another month or so for further rehab.

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