Customers forced out of Gretna hotel after code violations

Customers forced out of Gretna hotel after code violations

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - Some people who stay at a hotel in Gretna could be out of a place to live.

The maintenance man at the Luxury Inn and Suites said code enforcement recently came for an inspection and found inefficiencies involving smoke alarms and wiring.

Thursday, the state fire marshal told people they had to leave.

"They gave us three days to repair electrical, they gave us 10 days to repair miscellaneous stuff, holes in the wall, cracked plates for the electrical, then today they came back and they were going to give an order to shut it down tomorrow, they changed their mind and shut it down today," maintenance man Terry West said.

Some of the residents said they had paid more than two hundred dollars, expecting to stay several days. Some worried if they did not get a refund, they would be on the streets.

"We lived underneath the bridge before this," one resident said. "So now they are going to kick us out and I have to go right back in a vehicle. I have six children out there."

Joe Raspanti, the attorney representing the owner of the hotel released a statement on the matter.

"Mr. Khan (owner) fully intends to comply with all of the requirements needed to be permitted. He feels he hasn't been given adequate notice and objects to the manner in which he was shut down today. "

He went on to say guests of the hotel will get refunds.

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