Nicondra: After a beautiful stretch rain moves in

Nicondra: After a beautiful stretch rain moves in

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Saturday turned out to be a pretty nice day even though we really started to see the clouds pushing in rain stayed away for a busy day of parades. Sunday's schedule doesn't look to be quite as fortunate.

Clouds will continue to build in as an upper low to the west kicks moisture up and over the area. A few scattered showers will begin early on Sunday.

There's a good chance that the parades may be okay as rain will be sporadic until later in the evening. Temperatures will be mild with some locations hitting the 70 degree mark.

After sunset the shower activity will be tied more to the cold front. The cold front will move in late with a few thunderstorms possible. Behind the front temperatures drop significantly on Monday with highs struggling to hit 50.

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- Meteorologist Nicondra Norwood

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