CrimeTracker: Witnesses say NOPD response to brawl was alarmingly slow

CrimeTracker: Witnesses say NOPD response to brawl was alarmingly slow

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A brawl caught on video outside a Bourbon Street club has the club's owner worried about police manpower after he said officers took too long to respond.

The fight happened Sunday morning in front of Bourbon Heat.

The video shows seven or eight bouncers from the club wearing red T-shirts exchanging words with several other people in the middle of the street. The manager of the club said it started when a group tried to enter the club but were being disrespectful and even displayed a knife.

The fight began when the group was asked to leave. The manager says he called 911 twice. Within 10 minutes an NOPD car drove past the fight but the manager said the officer did not physically respond to the brawl.

The manager said it was about 20 to 25 minutes before mounted patrol officers arrived and broke up the fight.

NOPD Chief Michael Harrison acknowledges the current shortage of officers, and said it did take longer than he would have liked for his officers to arrive.

"These things happen," Harrison said. "We try to get there as fast as we can. Out officers are working on Bourbon Street, but they have all kinds of other duties also, and sometimes citizens call us. And so this is ongoing. This is an investigation that's ongoing. We're watching the video, trying to identify other persons and who, maybe, were the aggressors. That's part of our staffing issue."

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