Krewe of Eve incorporates 'Go Red' campaign in parade

Krewe of Eve incorporates 'Go Red' campaign in parade

MANDEVILLE, LA (WVUE) - We are in the thick of Carnival season, but nationally people are joining in the Go Red movement to promote heart disease awareness in women.

In Mandeville, the Krewe of Eve is combining their celebration with education. Amanda Jones said, “As I'm handing these things out, everybody is saying, you know, my neighbor, my sister, my mom, my aunt - you know, it's touched so many people.”

Parade day is big for Jones

“The Krewe of Eve is amazing," said Jones' whose mother, Margaret Cookie Cortez, died of heart disease. "We have like 400 ladies come together just to have so much fun. It's like a family. Two years ago my mom died. It was pretty sudden and instant.”

The family found out that Cortez's enlarged heart could have been treated if she had known about the signs.

“Ever since then, me and my five siblings, we all wear red on Go Red day to raise awareness,” Jones said.

“It hits women," Eve krewe member Jocelyn Nash said. "It's for women, and that's what we are all about. I'm so grateful that Amanda came to us and made us aware of it so that we could make Mandeville aware of it because there's going to be a lot of women on the route tonight and they are going to see our red ribbons.”

The Krewe of Eve is always excited about its ride, and not only will they be giving out their signature throws, they will be passing along some life saving information.

"It's touched so many people. So you know I'm wearing it proudly not just for me and my family and my Mom, but for all of their families as well," said Jones.

The American Heart Association said one and three women die from heart disease and stroke. Diet and exercise can prevent 80 percent of those deaths.

"Get checked, you know? I mean that's all it really is - get checked because you may have some sort of issue and if you catch it early enough it's treatable."

Jones hopes their effort to raise awareness makes a big impact, and Eve is putting a fun twist on a serious subject that could only come together in Louisiana.

The American Heart Association says nearly 300 fewer women are dying each day from heart disease and stroke since the awareness campaign began in 2003.

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