Feds agree to delay Sharper's return to New Orleans

Feds agree to delay Sharper's return to New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Federal authorities have agreed to delay the transfer of former NFL star Darren Sharper from a Los Angeles jail to federal custody in New Orleans.

Sharper faces state charges in California and Arizona, plus federal and state charges in Louisiana. The cases arise from allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted women.

He was to be brought to federal marshals in New Orleans under court order in time for a Feb. 23 court appearance. On Friday, however, federal prosecutors sought to have the transfer delayed until April 6. California authorities asked for the delay and Sharpers' New Orleans lawyer did not object.

Also Friday, a co-defendant in the Louisiana cases, Brandon Licciardi (lih-CHAR-dee), pleaded not guilty to state charges.

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