Heart of Louisiana: Movie Sets - a Reel Venue

Heart of Louisiana: Movie Sets - a Reel Venue

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - More Louisiana-made movies also means more local movie sets and props. And one St. Tammany Parish company is offering a way for you and your friends to enjoy thousands of pieces of Hollywood South memorabilia. FOX 8's Dave McNamara takes us to Slidell and a place called Movie Sets – a Reel Venue in tonight's Heart of Louisiana.

If you're speeding through Slidell on Interstate 10, you may notice an old auto dealership lot with an odd collection of cars - some official-looking, others really old and maybe some vehicle you've never seen before.

"We've got probably 200 of these cars of all different types, some very rare ones - this is Sammy Davis Jr.'s car in front of me right here," owner Granville Semmes said." And there is a beautiful old milk truck from the 30s down at the end, which is totally redone."

They're not for sale, only for rent. It's all part of Hollywood South - vehicles that would fit almost any type of movie.

"I have an excuse to have toys that are rentable, so the wife can't complain," Semmes said.

Semmes has turned the old auto dealership into a workshop and warehouse for props and movie sets. There's a power station control room that may come from a time when apes rules the earth. The mockup of an Academy Award-winning slave ship, or a circus tent.

When the movie shoot is over, the props end up back here where they become the backdrop for a unique wedding or other kind of event.

"Our demon baby is quite popular," venue Manager Sarah Worsley said. "He is a little creep, but super entertaining. This was used in an apocalypse scene."

Worsley is in charge of event planning.

"This is our old Cajun cabin," she said. "We actually can flip on the fire so it looks like you're roasting a whole hog."

There is an Asian-themed area and an old general store complete with buggy and bathtub. And plenty of places to sit and relax and check out the other strange but familiar movie pieces lying around. There's even the Moviola system that Spielberg used to edit the movie E.T. And in the back, there is a warehouse that's packed with every kind of item imaginable.

"Coming across an abundance of voodoo-themed objects is not very difficult," Worsley said. "But categorizing them and organizing them is. We have a game section, a furniture section, an all lamp posts section, surfboards, coffins, graveyards."

It can be one-stop shopping for movie set designers. And there are plans for a modest soundstage to expand the services for filmmakers.

"Everybody loves the movies, and everybody is actually fascinated with what's going on in Louisiana," Worsley said.

And if your party or wedding leans toward the unusual, you can let Hollywood provide the decorations. The Slidell business also builds movie props. Click here for more information:



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