CDC testing samples from Tulane primate center

CDC testing samples from Tulane primate center

COVINGTON, La. (AP) - State emergency preparedness spokesman Mike Steele says all results from tests on samples from the Tulane National Primate Research Center could be in before the end of the month.

A St. Tammany Parish news release says the state expects some results next week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Investigators want to learn how two monkeys came down with an illness caused by a kind of bacteria being studied in a lab. Melioidosis (MEL-ee-oy-DOH-sis) is usually spread by contact with contaminated water or soil, and is mostly a tropical disease.

The CDC is getting air, water and soil samples from around the center, and blood from other monkeys that lived with the infected animals.

The state has taken blood from several workers for comparison with future tests.

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