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NOPD tips for a safe and happy Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street (FOX 8 photo) Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street (FOX 8 photo)
New Orleans Police - along with officers, deputies, and troopers from several other law enforcement agencies - will be patrolling the New Orleans metro area during Carnival festivities.

Here are some Carnival safety tips from the NOPD so that you and your family can have a safe and happy Mardi Gras season:

The 2015 Carnival season begins on Friday, February 6, 2015 and will end on Mardi Gras Day, Tuesday, February 17, 2015.
While en route to the parades, adults, take extra precaution as to taking care of young children. Make sure that you keep them as close to you as possible and if they are of age, make sure that they know their name, parent or guardian's name, a contact number or if possible, a home address. Also, write it down on a piece of paper and advise them to find a Police Officer in the event that they do get lost. The locations for the lost juveniles while on the parade route are: Napoleon and St. Charles, Jackson and St. Charles, Baronne and Canal. Also the Juvenile Division can be contacted at 504-658-5265.

Vehicles may not park on the parade route two (2) hours prior or two (2) hours after the schedule parade (s) or your vehicle may be towed and sent the City of New Orleans Auto Pond at 400 North Claiborne (504-565-7450 or 504-565-7451).

Do not carry large sums of money or purses .It is advisable to carry your wallet or any money in your FRONT pockets to make you less likely to be a target of pick-pocketing. Also, avoid “flashy” type jewelry or items.

Drink responsibly and be aware of your surroundings.

Know the name, address and contact number of persons that you are visiting or the name, address and telephone number of your hotel.

When parking, please be aware of ALL signage on the parade route as well as on the neighboring streets. PLEASE DO NOT block anyone's driveway or your vehicle may be towed by the City of New Orleans. And also remember the location WHERE you park.

You CAN NOT be charged to park on ANY city street unless it is metered parking.

Be extremely careful if you park in an open lot and are charged by someone. They may NOT be the owner of the lot and may NOT have permission of the legal owner to have the lot used as temporary parking space.

All items in the interior of the vehicle should be placed in either the glove compartment, in the trunk or in an enclosed area.

Open containers of glass or metal are NOT permitted along the parade route. 17271 MCS 54-404 Carrying of opened glass container prohibited in certain areas (paragraph E)

Stand behind all barricades and or cables.

The fencing or roping off of public property is prohibited without prior consent of Parks and Parkway Commission. 17171 MCS 34-32 Fencing of Public Property prohibited

If using ladders, do not fasten together in pairs or groups. The ladders shall be SIX feet from the street curb. 17271 MCS 34-33 Ladders and Portable Toilets
No ladders, ice chests, erected structures, chairs, chaise lounges, barbecue grills or etc. shall be placed in intersections or between curbs. 17271 MCS 34-33 Ladders and Portable Toilets
No sofas or chaise lounges are allowed along the parade route.
No reptiles are permitted on the parade route two (2) hours before or after a parade nor within 200 feet of the parade. 17271 MCS 34-21, Animals prohibited
With the exception of service dogs, no dog are allowed within 200 feet of any parade route one hour before, during or one hour after a parade. 17271 MCS 18-14 Animals Confined, exceptions (paragraph E)

Do not throw ANYTHING at floats or riders. 17271 MCS 34-29 Throwbacks

Do not climb trees or structures

Do NOT expose breast or any genitalia. 17271 MCS 54-254 Lewd Conduct

Do use or sell of silly string, stink bombs or snap pops. 17271 MCS 34-37, Vendors in a fixed location; 17271 MCS 34-38, Vendors not in a fixed location

Prohibited throws include any life threatening objects; noxious substances or liquids; objects with sharp points; insect, marine life or animals; discount coupons or redeemable throws; political or religious messages; condoms or sexually oriented devices; discarded cardboard boxes and items with commercial advertising.

Do NOT run alongside any floats

Please move out of the street when the marching bands and chaperones are approaching.

Unless they are designated by the City of New Orleans or have written consent from the appropriate governmental agency, Port-O-Lets (portable toilets) are not authorized to be used on sidewalks, neutral grounds (medians) or any public property. 17271 MCS 34-33 Ladders and Portable Toilets

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