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Drunk in a dumpster: Sleeping couple nearly crushed by trash truck

File photo (Source: Flickr - Jeffrey Beall) File photo (Source: Flickr - Jeffrey Beall)

It's a story many people may be talking about for years; how a night of partying ended with a Florida couple inside a bin full of garbage on Wednesday morning.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies say Donald Jordan and Lisa Sirabella are lucky they weren't crushed to death inside the garbage dump.

Hours earlier, police say they partied across the street from the dumpster at the Hard Rock Cafe before landing inside of the bin where they fell asleep in an extremely drunk state.

The garbage truck driver says he saw one of them just as he was about to compact the trash Wednesday morning 

"I actually seen him in a camera that we have in the truck. As I was pushing the blade back, I seen the man jumping up and down," said Radames Valasquez.

"The good part was [the truck] wasn't loaded. I wasn't fully loaded. If it was fully loaded, I probably would have crushed them today," he added.

The couple was pulled out of the dumpster with the help of a local rescue crew. Hillsborough County Sheriff investigators say the woman suffered a back injury.

As of Thursday, deputies say they don't plan on filing any charges against them.

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