FOX 8 Defenders: Fridge service repair took weeks

FOX 8 Defenders: Fridge service repair took weeks

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - In Southeast Louisiana, a lot of us know what it's like to lose good food in the fridge, especially when the power goes out during a hurricane. It's costly and inconvenient, and one Gentilly woman faced living without her fridge for an entire month when her appliance broke. She called the FOX 8 Defenders for help and got results.

"I had no way of keeping anything cool," Maudra Dangerfield said. Her side-by-side refrigerator was pretty stocked last month when she noticed something was wrong.

"I looked on the kitchen floor, and water was on the kitchen floor. I opened the refrigerator, and everything was defrosted," she explained. Dangerfield says she bought the appliance from Sears less than five years ago, and it was still under the extended warranty so she called Sears for service.

"I called them the next day, which was January 4th, and told them I needed repair, and they went to the computer and they didn't have anything for me until February the 4th, and I told her I never heard of such before," Dangerfield said. When asked why it would take a whole month to get a service crew out to her home, she told the FOX 8 Defenders that Sears didn't have any workers in the area.

She couldn't believe she'd have to wait 32 days for service. Dangerfield had already lost hundreds of dollars in food. She said, "I threw it away, everything in my freezer and everything in the refrigerator."

She's a diabetic who has to watch her diet. Living without a refrigerator for a whole month would be tough for a healthy person. "I would cook, and I had to cook just a little bit because you can't leave food out you know, and I just got aggravated, and I got the phone book, and I called you all. I called FOX 8 Defenders," Dangerfield said.

She made one call to the FOX 8 Defenders, and within 24 hours, Dangerfield says she got answers. "The next day Sears called me and told me they had worked me up on the schedule, that they would be there to me that morning before 12," Dangerfield said.

She said it took two repairmen about 20 minutes to repair the fridge, which had dust built up in the motor. Dangerfield's fridge and freezer were back in business, and all of a sudden, little things - like cooking - weren't so difficult any more.

"Everything is going well thanks to FOX 8 Defenders," Dangerfield said. Fortunately, her appliance was still under warranty so the service repair didn't cost her a penny.

A Sears spokesperson emailed the FOX 8 Defenders this statement:

"Sears Home Services strives to provide excellent customer service, typically responding to service calls within three to five business days. Ms. Dangerfield had originally indicated that her refrigerator was cooling but the freezer was not functioning. The timing of her call was during the holidays when we were experiencing a high volume of calls and were also short-staffed. Once the technician arrived, he found that the customer had inadvertently placed the refrigerator in 'demonstration' mode, which shuts off some of the functionality, including the freezer. This was quickly fixed by the technician. One bit of information that would be useful to your viewers: there are youtube videos that provide directions for how to turn off the demo mode in a Samsung refrigerator:">"="" title="">" title="">"" watch?v="KwNXdCQCiw0">"

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