NFL boots Rita Leblanc from league committees

NFL boots Rita Leblanc from league committees

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The NFL has made a move signaling its full support for New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson.

While the Benson family saga will play out in the courts, the NFL is going on with business as usual and respecting the wishes of the Saints owner. The NFL removed Rita Leblanc from all of her committee assignments.

Leblanc served as chair of the Employee Benefits Committee and was a member of the International Committee.

No replacements have been made yet. This move is not a total surprise. During his annual Super Bowl press conference earlier this month, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hinted that he trusted Benson's decision making and would support his wishes.

"I spoke to Tom Benson just the other day. He was going into the office as usual. He was in complete control, energetic, excited about getting into the office. Asking about league issues. As you know he's one of our more active owners in the league on various committees," Goodell said. "They obviously have a dispute going on which is always unfortunate. In this case it deals with succession and not the current management. Tom Benson is a man of great integrity."

Goodell went on to say that Benson demonstrated "complete control over what he's doing" when it comes to the Saints.

A league source told FOX 8 that if someone is no longer with an NFL team, they cannot serve on aleaguee committee.

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