King of Hearts: Carnival kindness on the bayou

King of Hearts: Carnival kindness on the bayou

TERREBONNE PARISH, LA (WVUE) - When Blair Luke goes to class at South Terrebonne High School every day, he does it with a smile, and fellow students notice.

"Blair's a blessing. He's a blessing to anybody and everybody in this school," says senior Landon Trahan. "You can walk by Blair in the hall any time of the day, any day of the week, no matter what's going on, and he's always going to smile at you and say what's up. And you can't do anything but smile and give him one back."

Luke is disabled, confined to a wheelchair and in special education classes at the school in Bourg. He and Trahan have known each other most of their lives.

Trahan, a well-liked school athlete, says it was no surprise when his name was called last night during a Carnival tradition at the high school. The student body voted him the 2015 King of the Krewe of Emeralds.

The surprise came about 10 seconds later, when the newly crowned King decided to bestow the honor instead on his good friend.

"He basically decided to give his crown to Blair Luke. And he is now our honorary Carnival king here at South Terrebonne," says Andi Kelley, a teacher at the school.

The crowd could hardly contain itself. School officials say nothing like this has ever happened before. But for those who are praising Trahan for his touching act of kindness, he's says no thanks is necessary.

"I would say to people who look to me as an inspiration, don't look to me. I got my inspiration from Blair," Trahan says. "He's just always happy. He's got so much he could be upset about and sad about. He goes through a challenge every day that very few people will ever know, and he stays happy through it all. Sometimes I feel that we lose that. We have so much going for us and small things go wrong and we get upset about it. We should keep it in perspective about what we really have in comparison to other people."

Trahan says the smile on his friend's face meant much more than any crown on his own head.

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