John C. Reilly visits Children's Hospital as Bacchus 2015

John C. Reilly visits Children's Hospital as Bacchus 2015

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Bacchus himself brought some carnival cheer to the patients at Children's Hospital today.

Actor john C. Reilly arrived at Children's Hospital days before the Bacchus parade rolls on St. Charles Avenue throwing doubloons to patients and their parents.

For some, the day was bigger than just a taste of the Carnival season. "This is her first time being out of the room in two months," said Tina LaFrance, whose daughter is a patient at Children's Hospital. "It was great … that's the first time I've ever got to see him and he did a good job.

Reilly, an actor, singer, producer and screenwriter said he's having a blast as Bacchus number 47. He's taking a few tips from a former Bacchus and occasional costar to heart.

"A former king Mr. Will Ferrell told me, he's like, all of it is amazing but when you make that first turn onto the street as the parade begins, that was just something that, there's no words to describe," Reilly said.

Reilly is no stranger to New Orleans. The actor lived in the French Quarter for five months while filming a movie, but now he'll get to see the city in a new light. "I was able to toast Muses, that was a pretty cool experience and yeah, we're just off and running," Reilly said. "I'm from Chicago so I'm not really allowed to say this but New Orleans might be my favorite city in America."

Reilly will reign as Bacchus this Sunday night, Feb. 15, on the Uptown parade route.

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