Man charged with aggravated rape escapes Washington Parish jail

Man charged with aggravated rape escapes Washington Parish jail

FRANKLINTON, LA (WVUE) - A man charged with aggravated rape escaped police custody in Washington Parish and is on the run.

Kaunda Lopaz Magee escaped from police custody after being treated at the Riverside Medical Center for severe pain in his shoulder according to the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office. Magee was in custody on charges of Aggravated Rape, Auto Theft, Driving Under Suspension and Failure to Appear.

According to police, Magee complained of severe shoulder pain related to a previous injury Friday night. He was taken to the Riverside Medical Center in Franklinton in handcuffs and shackles with a waist chain secured to the hand cuffs. After treatment, he was en route back to jail in the same restraints when he escaped from the transporting vehicle and fled on foot.

Police say Magee shed the shackles in the back seat of the transporting vehicle, but still had on his handcuffs and waist chain when he escaped.

A canine unit was called to the scene and tracked Magee until it was determined that he likely entered a vehicle and fled the area.

Police say Magee has friends and family in the Franklinton area and his last known address is 2215 Williams Street in Franklinton.

When he escaped, Magee was wearing a blue jail jumpsuit and gray thermals. Police say he was not wearing his glasses as they were located in his cell.

Police say Magee has a tendency to be violent and anyone who encounters him should use extreme caution.

The reward for information that leads to Magee's arrest is now at $2,500. Another with information should call the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office at 985-839-3434.