Rex, King of Carnival, and Queen revealed

Rex, King of Carnival, and Queen revealed


New Orleans businessman and civic leader Christian T. Brown will reign as Rex, King of Carnival.

Brown is the chairman of the board of directors of McIllhenny Company, the maker of Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce.

"You can't help but think one day might it be you. But the way I feel right now, I'm young and I always thought well way down so I didn't dwell upon it much, you know way down the road. And I didn't think about it much until it came. It came to me as a tremendous surprise when they asked me this year," Brown said.

The Queen of Carnival is Vanderbilt University student Charlotte Lane Langenstein.

"You know, it's something that any kid would dream of, but you never thinks it's a real thing. So it's been a great treat for me," she said.

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