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Nicondra: Enjoy the weekend, the Carnival finale looks wet


It's spectacular this evening with clear skies and temperatures falling through the 60's after a peak of 71 this afternoon at Armstrong International Airport. The wonderful streak of weather will continue into Sunday as we get another dry front moving through early. Look for a few more clouds, but temperatures in the 60's will still be pleasant. The weekend super krewes are getting great weather.

Unfortunately, it looks like the streak ends as the weekend comes to a close. A blanket of clouds and rain will move over the region late Sunday night into Monday morning. It appears we will get a break at some point during the day, but it won't last long. A blast of chilly air moves in late Monday into Tuesday accompanied by rain. There is a very good chance we will see nearly a repeat of last year's miserable wet and cold Mardi Gras. There is still some slim hope that the timing shifts, but the closer we get, the less chance for a reprieve.

- Nicondra Norwood

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