Endymion 2015 draws huge crowds

Endymion 2015 draws huge crowds

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - People camped out overnight to secure a prime spot along the Endymion parade route. In fact, some believe this year's crowds were the largest in the parade's history.

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful for this Valentine's Day Endymion celebration.

"It's been the best of many years," Sean Jeffries said.

Tamara Houston adds, "It's a great feeling and this year the energy is just amazing."

In some spots along Canal, the crowd reached 15 to 20 deep, all vying for coveted throws.

Kristin Hattin says, "I think there's more people here than there's ever been for Endymion like on the front lines."

"I actually love catching beads, it's actually fun," 10 year old Steven Wilson said. His friend, Darian, commented, "The only thing we don't like is like when they ignore you."

But with 3,100 riders on 35 different floats, not too many people left empty handed.

"For as many people it's amazing how many people come away with lots of goodies," Gwen Friendman said.

Endymion is such a special parade to so many. Some have been camping out with family and friends in the same spot year after year.

Kristin Hattin explains, "We come out, we get fried chicken, jambalaya, king cake, the works and our friends come out and join us, it's a lot of fun."

Others travel from the North Shore and other parts of the state to catch their favorite marching bands and floats.

"The floats are so beautiful that's probably the biggest attraction, they use so many different colors and lights," Angela Doyle said.

Jailen Doyle adds, "It's so long and it's better than the other parades by far."

In what's being described as a perfect Carnival Saturday, these parade goers are just hoping their good luck and the weather, will last. "I'm praying it won't rain Tuesday because it'll mess up my glitter and my feathers," Hattin said.

Because up until this point, this Carnival season and Endymion parade, are one for the record books!

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