Escaped Washington Parish inmate captured in Franklinton

Escaped Washington Parish inmate captured in Franklinton

FRANKLINTON, LA (WVUE) - A Washington Parish inmate who escaped police custody is back behind bars.

Kaundra Lopaz Magee was discovered by a Washington Parish Sheriff's Office detective hiding inside a large drain pipe near the East Gate Shopping Center on Hwy 10 East in Franklinton. The officer arrested Magee without incident. He was still wearing the handcuffs that restrained him during his escape.

Magee told officers he his in the woods in east Franklinton throughout the manhunt nad had seen officers as he was hiding.

Sheriff Randy Seal complimented the officers involved in the search for Magee saying they all went above and beyond the call of duty.

"Just like Magee, they too were tired and hungry, but they never gave up. Their fine efforts led to his capture," Seal said. "Citizens of Franklinton can sleep well tonight."

Magee led authorities on a two week manhunt across state lines in October 2011 after police attempted to arrest him on warrants for kidnapping and aggravated rape.

Magee is currently being held by police on charges of Aggravated Rape, Auto Theft, Driving Under Suspension and Failure to Appear. He will face additional charges as a result of his escape from custody.

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