JP Officials: Drug-testing kits thrown from Mardi Gras float

JP Officials: Drug-testing kits thrown from Mardi Gras float

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish officials are investigating an incident in which drug-testing kits were thrown from a float during a Metairie Mardi Gras parade Sunday. The kits were tossed into the crowd during the Krewe of Napoleon parade.

According to a parish official, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office stopped a float during the parade after people complained of being hit by hard objects. Investigators learned that two riders were throwing drug-testing kits.

"Parish ordinance prohibits throws with sharp edges, as well as any action by riders that could shock the public. Here, catching a urine specimen cup was pretty surprising for some," said Sean Burke, Jefferson Parish director of citizen's services, the department that coordinates Jefferson Parish's Carnival.

Local ordinance also requires the captain of the parading krewe to pre-approve all throws. "That did not happen in this case," said Burke.

"We will take all steps necessary to maintain the family-first culture of Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras," Parish President John Young said. "This was poor judgment by a few individuals in an isolated incident. Overall, this is one of our best Mardi Gras seasons ever, and we hope to see more people on the routes today and tomorrow."

Parish officials will review the situation later in the week to determine if further action will be taken.

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