Marigny is fitting setting for Carnival finale

Marigny is fitting setting for Carnival finale

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The crowd at this open intersection takes dancing in the streets to a new level. A reveler sings, "Keeps me alive, keeps me alive." The Marigny is most certainly alive with the Carnival spirit. Just when the parades around the rest of town are dying down, Marigny is heating up. As the sun gets low in the sky and you think the last float is gone, a whale of a sight appears through the sea of people.

Doug Phelps said, "The cannon fires. We can shoot the cannon for you if you like." The oceangoing theme continues with captain Doug Phelps. He built a pirate ship for a wedding, but in the Marigny spirit of recycling, it's been Mardi Gras headquarters. Phelps said, "It's got a bar in the back that's the most important feature. It's got cocktails and a keg on tap so that's why everyone's here they are here you know to have a little drinks on Mardi Gras day."

It certainly wasn't the only contraption around. The bunnies of one group wouldn't hop without the rolling bar and boom box. Chris Gomez's robot inspires more fluid motion. He said, "Look at the smile on all those people's faces right there." The joy of strangers inspires him. Gomez said, "Turn around and see that that's how it enhances my Mardi Gras."

As the night wears on, Frenchman becomes a carnival unto itself just as fitting a place for the Carnival finale as any.

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