JPSO police report released in beating of LaPlace teen

JPSO police report released in beating of LaPlace teen
Brady Becker, 17 (Source: JPSO)
Brady Becker, 17 (Source: JPSO)

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - A LaPlace teenager is nursing injuries sustained in an incident involving undercover deputies - some of it caught on video.

The violent scuffle is one of two cases of alleged police brutality that occurred four days apart in a Lakeside Mall parking garage as parades were wrapping up.

Seventeen-year-old Brady Becker was leaving a Metairie parade Friday night when a police report says an undercover Jefferson Parish deputy heard him scream an expletive - allegedly directed at the deputy. The video, captured on a friend's cell phone, shows the apparent aftermath.

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"A 29-year detective in the River Parishes advised Ms. Becker she needed to talk to a lawyer," said David Belfield, an attorney hired by the Becker family.

The JPSO report said Becker refused to be handcuffed by seven-year JPSO veteran Detective Nicholas Breaux. As a result, Becker is now nursing stitches and a black eye.

"He [Becker] appears to be holding the guy off," said Belfield, referring to the video. "But he's not balling his fists up or uttering a word."

The report says that Becker admitted to consuming a half-bottle of Crown Royal, but Becker's attorney says multiple videos show no provocation.

"There's a line that they shouldn't cross, but this officer stepped way across the line," Belfield says.

Brady Becker's friend says it's disturbing that Brady's the one who had to go to the hospital, because he only got involved when he thought his friend needed help.

"Brady was asking questions in a protective manner of the smaller person, and things got out of hand," Belfield said.

That was Friday night. In a separate incident Tuesday, also in a Lakeside Mall parking garage, a River Ridge man has a similar complaint.

"He grabbed me by my windpipe and dragged me to a table," said Tyler Subervielle, who says he was beaten by uniformed deputies at 2 p.m. on Mardi Gras as deputies were telling people to leave after the truck parade. "One of the guys punched me in my face, and hit me in my eye, hit me in the stomach and threw me to the ground, all while I was handcuffed."

Two other alleged victims have hired their own lawyers who, like Belfield, are considering legal action.

"Hopefully in the end it will be a teaching tool for everybody," said Belfield. He says he's filed a formal complaint, but Sheriff's Office spokesman Col. John Fortunato says the office needs to hear from the alleged victims, and so far, he says no one has come forward. For this reason, he says there is no investigation into either of the cases.

Becker is now out of jail and recovering from his injuries.

Belfield says Becker and as many as 10 witnesses may have more to say after he reviews the just-released police report.

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