JPSO report released in alleged beating

JPSO report released in alleged beating

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Video of 17 year old Brady Becker's arrest is going viral. It's also raising a lot of questions about exactly what happened.

"Why did you put your hands on Brady? What was the reason for him being arrested?" says Attorney David Belfield.

Becker's attorney says his client was leaving the Metairie parades Friday night, when everything unfolded in a Lakeside mall parking garage.

"They weren't smoking weed, drinking or doing anything. I don't see any evidence of that." says Belfied.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office report, Detective Nicholas Breaux and another deputy in plain clothes, walked past a large group in the parking lot when they heard Becker scream an expletive directed at cops.

The reports goes on to say, Detective Breaux approached the group and identified himself as a police officer.

Authorities accuses Becker of then pushing Breaux, at which time, they say 'Detective Breaux escorted the arrested subject to the ground.'

As Breaux tried to put on the cuffs, the report says, 'Becker refused orders to stop and was striking Detective Breaux'. He was eventually subdued.

"None of those kids knew that these were police officers. It wasn't until, I think, he was on the ground pounding when you see his shirt come up and you see his gun sticking out," says Belfield.

Becker was released from jail Saturday on a 3 thousand dollar bond.

Deputies booked him with inciting a riot, resisting an officer, battery on a police officer and possessing alcohol under the age of 21.

According to the report, Becker admitted to police, 'He'd consumed a half bottle of Crown'.

"There a line that they shouldn't cross, and in my opinion, this officer jumped across the line," says Belfield.

Belfield calls the report, untrue. He claims Becker never hit or pushed Detective Breaux.

"These guys just infiltrated their little group, and started picking on them. It just got out of hand," says Belfield.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says, right now, the incident is not under investigation.

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