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Criminal charges dismissed against Junior Galette, victim files civil lawsuit


The Kenner City Attorney confirms his office has dismissed the misdemeanor domestic violence charges against Saints player Junior Galette.

Michael Power says the decision came after four witnesses were interviewed in the case. Prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to go forward with a trial.

Meantime, the alleged victim in the case has filed a civil lawsuit against the Galette.

In January, the linebacker was arrested in Kenner on simple battery domestic violence charge.

The lawsuit alleges Galette engaged in a litany of abusive behavior. The alleged victim claims she was drugged by Galette and friends while attending a party at Galette's home.

The victim claims she was given "horny juice" which made her unconscious at that time she was touched and penetrated.

The suit also alleged Galette did those acts in the presence of others including other players and that Galette beat and strangled the alleged victim as she tried to leave and ripped earring out of her earlobe.

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