Irish police officer shot in New Orleans: 'I'm Lucky'

Irish police officer shot in New Orleans: 'I'm Lucky'

IRELAND (WVUE) - The Irish police officer who was shot and robbed in the Seventh Ward in January says he's lucky.

Brian Hanrahan tells the Irish Independent newspaper that he's not really up for talking much, but he's on the mend. The 30-year old recently flew home after spending several days in the hospital here in New Orleans.

In another statement, he thanked the staff at Interim LSU Hospital.

New Orleans Police arrested brothers Melvin and Keith Galle in February. Investigators say one of the Galle brothers met Hanrahan on Bourbon Street on January 27 and offered to take him somewhere for a drink. When they got to the 2200 block of New Orleans Street, Hanrahan refused to hand over his money to the other Galle brother, and was shot twice.

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