Teen who alleges police brutality files JPSO complaint

Teen who alleges police brutality files JPSO complaint
Becker during an interview on Thursday evening with FOX 8
Becker during an interview on Thursday evening with FOX 8
A still from cell phone video
A still from cell phone video

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Brady Becker, the 17-year-old who alleges police brutality after an incident with a Jefferson Parish deputy, officially filed a complaint with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Becker, along with his family, filed a formal complaint against Detective Nicholas Breaux on Friday afternoon. Becker's attorney said the family is planning on filing a federal lawsuit against the JPSO next week.

The Sheriff's Office released the following statement:

Earlier this afternoon, an official complaint was filed by Mr. Becker with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs Bureau regarding the incident he was involved in during Mardi Gras. As a result, a full-scale investigation will now be conducted into that incident. We will not be commenting any further.

Becker is recovering from a fractured jaw and two black eyes after being arrested in the parking lot of Lakeside Mall Feb. 13.

His friend, Jacob Jensen, picked up his cell phone and started videoing the arrest that eventually went viral.

Mobile users can view the surveillance video here: http://bit.ly/1GcdYTf

"I feel like he assaulted me. He violated my rights," Becker said.

Becker said it started when he and a group of friends were hanging out in the parking garage and Jensen was approached by two men.

"They said, 'if I punch you in the face, does that still make me a cop?' I was really shocked by this, and I didn't know what to say. I was like, 'yes sir,'" Jensen said.

"I heard him saying a lot of things to Jacob. He was calling him names, so I stepped in. I said, 'what the f--- is going on?'" Becker said. "I was just trying to figure out why he was getting in his face and all my friends faces. That's when he started to beat me up."

Becker's version of what happened is different than the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office report. The report claims Detective Nicholas Breaux was patrolling the garage when he heard Becker say, "f--- the cops."

Breaux said he walked up to the group and identified himself as a police officer, and Becker pushed him.

"I didn't push him to that extent," Becker said. "I might have laid my hands on him to get him back because they were in our faces. They were right in my face just screaming at us and calling us names."

The report goes on to say, that Becker was "escorted to the ground" and continued to resist until he was handcuffed. Becker as booked with inciting a riot, resisting an officer, battery of a police officer and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Becker wouldn't talk about whether he'd been drinking Friday night, but he claimed he had no idea that Breaux was a deputy.

"We had no idea, and for a man to just come up and start acting like that, it's wrong," Becker said. "I think he should be stripped from his duties."

"I fell outraged. When I first saw him come out of the prison, as a mother, I broke down," said Becker's mother, Donnell.

Becker's family said they want justice.

"This is a police officer who has abused his power, abused his badge and overstepped his bounds," Donnell Becker said.

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