New device to help heart failure patients

New device to help heart failure patients

(WVUE) - Trials are underway on a new device that can help congestive heart failure patients..

It's the cardiomems heart failure system.

The device can monitor a patient's condition and doctors can check its status from any device with internet access.

It's the first and only FDA-approved heart failure monitoring system that gives real-time vital statistics from inside a person's body.

The device is being tested on eight patients in Wisconsin..

The first cardiologist in Wisconsin to implant the new sensor believes it could potentially be a game changer.

Dr. Paul Luetmer with the Aspirus Heart and Vascular Institute says, "It allows us to adjust the medications long before the patient even starts to feel sick, and certainly before they end up in the hospital."

There's no surgery involved in installing the device and since it runs on an external battery, the device doesn't need to be replaced.

During the trial, the Cardiomems device reduced hospital visits for heart failure patients by 37 percent.

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