Lawmakers don't offer detailed solutions for college cuts

Lawmakers don't offer detailed solutions for college cuts

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - State legislative leaders, speaking at a higher education conference, gave college leaders no assurances that lawmakers have a short-term plan to stave off deep budget cuts to campuses.

House Speaker Chuck Kleckley told the audience Monday the Legislature must find a way to stop slashing $400 million to $500 million across higher education next year.

But Kleckley, Senate Education Chairman Conrad Appel and House Education Chairman Steve Carter didn't offer specific ideas for how to lessen those cuts in the fiscal year that begins July 1.

The men talked of possibly reducing state spending on tax breaks and letting colleges raise tuition. They also urged higher education officials to offer their own suggestions.

Gov. Bobby Jindal unveils his budget recommendations Friday, which are expected to contain the college cuts.

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