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Hearing in federal court to focus on NOPD training, consent decree


A federal judge has scheduled a Tuesday meeting to check in on the New Orleans Police Department's consent decree.

The focus of Tuesday's hearing will be on training, a topic the monitoring team covered in its December report on the department's process.

Monitors sat in on several in-service training classes, calling the academy's instructors and instruction a mixed bag. While monitors found some positives, they say many instructors taught with insufficient or nonexistent lesson plans.

A driving instructor received high praise for his work, but the monitors said he was using outdated materials. The monitors said an instructor teaching a course on domestic violence spent time talking about his ex-wife and conveyed a message of "us versus them," which they say undermines police and community relations.

The city recently began working with the FBI to train and certify academy instructors.

US District Judge Susie Morgan will hear more about what the NOPD is doing to come into compliance at Tuesday afternoon's hearing. It begins at 1:30 p.m.

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