NOFD battles 4-alarm fire in Garden District

NOFD battles 4-alarm fire in Garden District

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans firefighters are battling a four alarm fire in the Garden District.

Smoke started rising from the 1200 block of Philip Street shortly after noon. The fire quickly escalated to four alarms, as firefighters tried to extinguish flames in the historic home.

Firefighters fought flames inside the house for 30 minutes before retreating. Two firefighters suffered minor burs to the neck and face. After more than an hour, the fire still was not under control. Members of the NOFD said there were flames behind every door they opened on the third floor.

An automatic alarm notified firefighters.

The NOFD said one person was inside the house but managed to escape uninjured. Neighbors saw smoke and banged on the door, alerting the woman inside. There is no word on what sparked the flames.

The woman who escaped said the house has been in the family for four generations.

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