Man convicted of perjury in murder trial

Man convicted of perjury in murder trial

A man admits he lied on the stand in a 2012 murder trial. District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office says 25-year-old Mark Brooks pleaded guilty as charged to perjury for lying when he testified in Kentrell HIckerson's trial for the murder of Alvin Wilson.

Prosecutors say Wilson was murdered in June of 2008 at the corner of First and Prieur streets, which they describe as the heart of 3NG gang territory. Hickerson was arrested and indicted for the murder.

At the time, prosecutors say Brooks provided information about Hickerson and agreed to cooperate in the prosecution and testify at trial. But, they say Brooks stopped cooperating after he was released from prison on federal firearms charges.

They say when Brooks took the stand, he contradicted his prior testimony that he witnessed Hickerson murder Wilson. Hickerson was found not guilty. Hickerson has since been indicted along with his associates in the 3NG racketeering case.

A week after Hickerson's trial, Brooks was charged with perjury. Following his guilty plea, Mark Brooks was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

In a news release, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro says, "This city and my office are in a war with these urban terrorists who perpetrate indiscriminate violence on our streets. The people of this community must choose sides. As I have promised and as this conviction shows, I will pursue those who illegally provide aid and comfort to these urban terrorists as vigorously as the murderers themselves."

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