New Orleans attorney caught in steamy video gets suspended sentence

New Orleans attorney caught in steamy video gets suspended sentence

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A New Orleans attorney and former radio talk show host caught on camera trying to seduce a cab driver was handed down a sentence of one day in Orleans Parish Prison. That sentence was suspended. She was also sentenced to one day of inactive probation. The judge also said she cannot buy or be in possession of a firearm for one day.

A cab driver captured cell phone video that shows Jennifer Gaubert allegedly making sexual advances toward him.

Gaubert had been accused of making false statements against cab driver Hervey Farrell, who was booked with extortion after Gaubert said he recorded an explicit video of her and then threatened to make it public if she didn't pay him $60,000. The case hinged on an alleged email threat made to Gaubert by Farrell, but no email was ever produced.

Gaubert was found guilty of criminal mischief in January. Prosecutors were seeking a conviction for making false statements, but she was instead convicted on the lesser charge - a misdemeanor.

Before the sentence was handed down, Gaubert asked for a new trial. She also asked for a post-verdict acquittal, essentially asking the judge to re-examine the case and come up with a new verdict based on taking another look at the evidence.

That request was denied.

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