Peanut allergy? Best treatment might be peanuts, study suggests

Peanut allergy? Best treatment might be peanuts, study suggests

(WVUE/CNN) - A new study says keeping your children away from nuts is not the best approach to stop peanut allergies. The New England Journal of Medicine study suggests that exposing kids to foods with peanuts as early as possible significantly reduces their risk of developing allergies to peanuts.

The researchers studied 628 babies identified as those most prone to developing a peanut allergy. Some received peanut products while others received none.

Researchers say babies in the study who consumed peanut products were 80 percent less likely to develop the allergy when they got older.

It says for every 100 children not given peanuts it found that 14 developed the allergy by the time they turned age five.

For years parents with allergic children have been told to avoid peanuts; its why allergy specialists call this research groundbreaking on how best to treat such allergies. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and immunology says an estimated 400,000 school children in the U-S deal have this allergy.

You can read more on the study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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