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N.O. native, Mississippi man among top 24 'Idol' contestants performing tonight


American Idol is down to the top 24, and that that includes two contestants from our area.

Michael Simeon from Lumberton, Miss., said the group has gotten a chance to explore Los Angeles when they're not practicing for the competition, and it's made them much better friends.

New Orleans native Quentin Alexander said during a Skype interview that even though it's a competition, contestants help each other out.

"Just with the contestants, we're very honest with each other so if there's something that we feel that one should add to a song or take away from a song we just go ahead and relay that,” Alexander said. “We have a bond where we can be honest with each other in that sense."

You can watch Simeon and Alexander tonight at 7 p.m. right here on FOX 8.

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