Orleans Parish Sheriff reports consent decree progress

Orleans Parish Sheriff reports consent decree progress

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office reports it is making progress complying with requirements under a consent decree.

According to a news release, the Sheriff's Office has achieved partial compliance in 60 paragraphs of the consent agreement, an increase from just 22 noted in the previous independent monitor's report.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman said, ""The Sheriff's Office continues to address daily challenges while also building on organizational strengths that will ultimately lead to full compliance with the consent agreement."

He points out that his office is almost ready to take control of trhe new inmate housing building and has formed a working group to address fiscal matters. Gusman also says the department is actively recruiting new security personnel and has identified potential candidates to become the jail administrator.

"It is critically important that we have the resources and systems in place to ensure the safe operation of the new jail," Sheriff Gusman said.

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