Dog that survived eating twigs and rocks gets new lease on life

Dog that survived eating twigs and rocks gets new lease on life

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Alex the Weimaraner won hearts around this area and the world.

In October, Alex was severely starved and near dead when the Southern Animal Foundation rescued him from an Iberia Parish animal shelter. Now, Alex has a new home and a new lease on life.

He's now Diane Lundeen's dog, and she has to hold on tight to his leash to keep up with Alex.

"When I first met him, he was really thin that drew me to him and his eyes were so haunting and piercing," she said.

Lundeen saw the same emaciated dog that shocked the area and the world last year, rescued from another parish by Magazine Street's Southern Animal Foundation.

"People from four different parts of my world said 'you have to meet this dog.' I met this dog and fell in love right away," Lundeen said.

Alex weighed a mere 45 pounds four months ago. Southern Animal Foundation owner Anne Bell said saving him was touch and go.

"He was in very bad shape. Not only was he thin, right after he got here his stomach flipped and he had surgery. He also had heart worms," said Bell.

X-Rays showed rocks and twigs in his stomach, the dog was desperate to eat anything to survive. The Facebook post went viral.

"People from all over the world responded. People from Africa and the Netherlands even responded," Bell said.

But Lundeen seemed the perfect fit. The workers compensation judge and owner of Petcetera loves Weimaraners and already had two at home.

"He gained 10 pounds in his first ten days he was staying with me. That told me he was definitely a good match," Lundeen said.

Alex is almost 80 pounds now, and plays with his new brother and sister dogs at home. For Christmas he played in the snow on a visit to Lundeens relatives in Oklahoma City. Alex didn't have to travel across the world to find a family.

"He has good color in his gums, his eyes are bright, when he goes to sit down he doesn't whine. He has this incredible joy for life that's awesome,"Lundeen said.

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