Man arrested for shooting near NOPD headquarters

Man arrested for shooting near NOPD headquarters

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The man who police say dumped his friend on the Broad Street overpass, after shooting him, is now in custody. Alvin Richardson was arrested Saturday morning in Gretna after he called police.

Saturday afternoon, New Orleans Police towed away a silver Dodge truck, that they say 47-year-old Alvin Richardson was driving Friday when he allegedly shot his friend, and passenger, a 29-year-old on Broad Street.

NOPD Sgt. Nick Gernon explains, "At this point we don't know why he opened fire on his friend, we know he has a history of mental illness and attempting to assign a logical explanation to his irrational actions is something we haven't been able to do yet."

The shooting happened just a few hundred feet from NOPD headquarters. As law enforcement personnel raced to the scene by foot, they found not only the body of the 29-year-old, but a wounded Criminal District Court employee as well. The man was grazed in the chest by a bullet. "At this time we don't have any evidence that lends any credibility to reports that he was targeted or shot because of where he works or because of any activities going on at Criminal District Court," Gernon said.

Police believe after the incident on Broad, Richardson shot at a man on a motorbike over a road rage incident. The man wasn't hit.

Detectives worked through the night using witness testimony to identify Richardson as the shooter. They say he's a convicted felon who served 15 years in prison for shooting a police officer in the late 80's.

Saturday morning, investigators heard from Gretna P.D. Gernon says, "Early this morning, Mr. Richardson actually called the police in Gretna from a Walgreens, told the police that he felt that he was being followed, his life was in danger."

Richardson, detectives say, had a gun on him and was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He also allegedly told investigators of his involvement with the shooting on the Broad Street overpass.

Richardson is still in a Gretna jail. He'll be transferred to Orleans Parish in the coming days where he'll be booked with one count of second degree murder and two counts of attempted second degree murder.

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